Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13, 2010 Saturday

Today will be a light day walking with the family and tonight sit ups. I am feeling aa lot better physically and emotionally. I am hungry and need to remember to drink water and not eat. Coffee is my downfall right now, it needs to be decaffinated and I dring half and half at home. AHHHHHHHH Community! I have also started looking into developing a drink that RNY patients running, bicycling or just very active can have to replenish the electrolytes needed whle maintaing a high protein intake. This is the hard part,comlex carbohydrates need to be high for long distance runners/cycling and we RNY, need high protein with low carbs. I will be trying to design something like the folks down in Florida did. We shall see how this works. The mad scientist is in the house! I hope I can make this work.

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